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Taxperience Russia 

Taxperience is a dynamic tax consultancy firm with a solid reputation in the market.  Key to Taxperience's approach is its focus on the wishes and desires of each client, and a proficiency in translating those wishes into quality tax products.  High service, efficiency and direct lines of communication are, of course, indispensible to the firm's mission.  But Taxperience offers more: its advice is convincing and gives clients direction and is followed up by constructive support during the implementation process.  Taxperience does not distinguish between international corporations, new businesses or individual tax payers.  To Taxperience, each client is a 'preferred customer'.

Taxperience's approach demands creativity, flexibility, and out-of-the box thinking.  Its team of tax lawyers consists of young, eager professionals who are used to going beyond the beaten path.  In addition, Taxperience covers decades of professional experience in the field of tax consultancy services.  Hence the name Taxperience, a combination of 'tax' and 'experience'.

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