KcH GmbH Weltklassiek am Klavier 


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KcH GmbH Weltklassiek am Klavier 

Weltklassik offers monthly exquisite piano recitals with well-known masterpieces of famous classical composers, presented by young world class pianists, in a pleasant and cosy yet elegant atmosphere.

Guests come to our concerts for a monthly event to give themselves a treat in an environment with personal style, enjoying the best possible classical piano music live and very close to the excellent pianists.

Weltklassik grew to over 35 venues – each having monthly recitals - in Germany and the Netherlandswithin six years, now being the biggest organizer of piano concerts with more than 400 recitals a year.Only first class pianists are selected worldwide, and only very attractive or historical sites are chosen as Weltklassik venue.

It is part of Weltklassik strategy to focus on masterworks and famous composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, Schumann and Liszt.  Furthermore, it is part of Weltklassik philosophy to offer free entrance for the young up to 18 years to provide them and their families an easy and affordable access to great music.

Weltklassik is a very lean organization with no contracts and no fixed cost, and everybody involved works on a percentage of sales basis. Weltklassik is a flexible network and almost like a naturally growing organism.